Take a hike


" In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."  John Muir

THEORY: A sense of adventure goes along with exploring and hiking is a great way to explore nature and come into contact with it's amazing plants and animals. You can hike in some of the most beautiful places on earth and in many different terrains including beaches, forests, plains, hills and mountains. Hiking is the starting point for many other outdoor activities e.g. camping, rock climbing and  mountaineering.
You may also be interested in THE BUSHWALKERS CODE OF ETHICS

Hiking can be simple or involved and this probably depends on the length of your hike, the terrain and what lessons, if any, you may want to take from the hike. To be really organised you may want to consider:
EQUIPMENT: Good walking shoes and sox, a backpack, bottle of water, a snack that is light to carry, a hat, insect repellant, a compass, sun screen and first aid kit.

Hiking for Fun! (For Fun!) by Jef Wilson (2006)
Trekking on a Trail (Activities for Kids) by Linda White and Fran Lee (2000)


  1. thankyou for linking with CountryKids your site is full of lovely outdoor activities perfect for our link up

  2. We just took our little guy on his first hike through the Arizona mountains. What an awesome experience! Thanks for this post, it's beautiful :)

  3. That does sound amazing - there is nothing like real experiences in the natural world


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