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"There is a "World of Beauty" out there, just lying on the ground, waiting for someone to discover it!" Bob the Rockman.
"Some of our best days in the Badlands have been spent collecting rocks." from BadlandsInfo.com -  South Dakota Badlands Information.

River beds and shallow creeks are an easy place to find rocks.
If you start looking you will notice rocks everywhere - along the roadside, in your back garden, at the park, you could even plan a special field trip to collect specific rocks. So how do you find where to go? You could join your local rock club or research on the internet or in the library.
Australian Lapidary Clubs, Societies and related Earth Science Groups
Mineralogy Clubs in Europe
United States Rock Clubs

Go Rock Collecting (Let'S-Read-And-Find... Science. Stage 2) by Roma Gans & Holly Keller
Looking at Rocks (My First Field Guides) by Jennifer Dussling  & Tim Haggerty

Rocks Tell the Story of the Earth. The Earth is made of rock, from the tallest mountains to the floor of the deepest ocean. Thousands of different types of rocks and minerals have been found on Earth. Read more of Rachel M. Barker's article at U.S. Geological Survey Information Services
What Type of Rock do I Have? at Minerology 4 kids

Learning Activities about the different kinds of rocks and activities to try.



  1. We are having a bit of a love affair with rocks and stones at preschool at the moment, so a timely post!

  2. Rocks are some of my favourite things and pebbles...and seeds..and shells...

  3. Still loving rocks and all nature

  4. Hi there, of course this post is truly good and I
    have learned lot of things. thanks.

  5. Excellent blog ! you describe a bright clear world out there in the outdoors. How can i subscribe for your site?


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